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Build the dance studio of dreams in your home garage

Are you the proud parent of an aspiring ballerina? Or perhaps you’re a dancer yourself? Imagine a dedicated dance studio at home, a space where you or your loved one can hone your skills and perfect those pirouettes.

This dream is easier to achieve than you may think, and you already have the space to make it happen… your garage!

Transforming part of your garage into a dance studio doesn’t have to be difficult or overly expensive. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require more than a couple square metres of space.

We’ve compiled a list of five essential items to create your very own dance studio.

Flooring fit for a dancer

It’s more than likely your garage has a cement floor. Cement is standard for this space; however, it doesn’t provide a safe environment for a dance studio.

Dance-safe flooring is the most important item to invest in. You may choose to install wooden flooring to a section of your garage. Alternatively, consider flooring options that can be easily placed on top of concrete such as timber laminate.

For the ultimate dance studio at home, dance-specific flooring like Marley Dance Flooring is the best option.

A mirror for progress checks

Wanting to master your jazz and tap-dance skills? A mirror is a great way to check your technique and progress, and a must-have in any dance studio. They also help create light in a space, which is likely needed in a garage.

Consider mounting a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall. Alternatively, a sliding closet mirror is an easy, inexpensive find online and can be secured to a wall.

Music to dance to

It’s hard to imagine a dance studio without music! For this step, a portable speaker or streaming device would be perfect. Add speakers if you wish to create the ultimate garage dance studio, complete with surround sound to dance to.

A barre to elevate your studio

For those who want to take their dance studio to the next level, a ballet barre is the perfect addition used to support movements or exercises.

Barres are easily found online and can be mounted onto a wall, or you may choose to purchase a portable one that can be moved out of the way.

Storage for your equipment

Equipment and props are a must-have for any dance studio; however, it can be an eye-sore if left lying around. Having a box or shelf nearby to store your dance shoes or workout bands is always a great idea. Consider mounting a shelf or adding a few hooks next to the mirror to hang your equipment.

Stage lighting

Great lighting is important to make any space feel enjoyable and comfortable. Garages don’t usually have lots of natural light so it’s important that everyone in the home can turn the garage light on and off easily.

If you have the myQ Remote LED Light installed, you can control your garage lighting via the myQ App. If anyone forgets to turn the light off when they’re done using the studio, you can do so remotely via the myQ App.

Finishing touches

A lick of white paint or another light colour will brighten up your garage dance studio significantly. Consider hanging a framed picture of a beautiful ballerina or a motivational quote on the wall as well for some added inspiration!

A dance studio is a versatile, easy addition to your garage and will have you mastering those tricky dance steps in no time.

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