Monitor & Control Away From Home

Monitor and control your garage door through the myQ App while away from home.

Your Home, On Command.


Receive Alerts & Notifications

Kids left the garage door open? No need to worry. With the myQ App you can receive alerts and notifications of activity in your garage straight to your smart device.

Your Home, On Command.


Schedule to close at any time

Control your garage door away from home.

Your Home, On Command.

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myQ Connected Home

Video on how to install a Commander myQ
Video about the Commander myQ

Features of myQ Technology

  • Monitor and control away from home: myQ technology allows you to monitor and control your garage door away from home
  • Receive alerts and notifications:  Receive alerts and notifications for complete piece of mind knowing you are in control away from home
  • myQ Scheduling: With myQ scheduling you can select specific close times for your garage door
  • myQ Touch ID: myQ Touch ID removes the need to input your 4 digit security code to access your Merlin myQ app

myQ Products

* Please note that you can upgrade your existing Merlin garage door opener with myQ technology (applicable to Commander Essential, Commander Elite, Commander Extreme, SilentDrive Essential and  SilentDrive Elite models).
* Please note that other myQ products available outside Australia and New Zealand are not compatible with Merlin garage door openers.

Commander Ultimate – Open Up Possibilities

Commander Extreme – Designed for extreme conditions & heavy custom doors

Commander Elite – New Zealand’s favourite sectional door opener

All the essential performance and design features you need.

Small in size, big on features

New Zealand’s favourite roller door opener – NOW WITH 7 YEAR WARRANTY

M828AU774 myQ Connectivity Bundle

827AU myQ Remote LED Light

M-BBU24V Battery Backup

Commander myQ MT110MYQ

Left the garage door open?  No need to worry, thanks to Merlin MyQ technology.
Monitor & control your garage door opener away from home. Receive alerts and notifications for complete peace of mind knowing you are in control away from home.

myQ FAQs

1. What is myQ Technology?

myQ is Merlin’s Internet Activation and Monitoring Protocol for garage door systems.  With this technology, a smartphone or tablet can be used to monitor and control your garage door opener from anywhere in the world.


2. Can I connect a myQ opener directly to my phone or computer?

No.  You must use a myQ Gateway connected to a home router. The router must have a continuously active internet connection (also known as broadband internet).  A dial-up connection is not acceptable.

3. What are the necessary items required to establish a residential myQ system?

The Merlin myQ Connectivity Bundle includes:

  • The myQ Gateway Kit with power pack and cables.
  • The Protector System (Safety IR Beams).

The homeowner requires:

  • A home router with continuous Ethernet connection port.
  • Smart device to activate the opener.

4. Can any other device be controlled with the myQ Gateway?

Only myQ branded devices such as garage door openers and the myQ Remote LED Light  specifically with myQ technology can be controlled with the myQ Gateway.

5. How do I connect to the app?

Download the myQ app from your smart device’s App store.  Go to Apple App Store or Google Play; Android – go to the Android Market.


Tip 1

To receive Push Notifications from your garage door, ensure the Notifications are activated in the Iphone Settings menu.

Tip 2

To receive Event History information, the Alert option in the myQ App must be active.

Tip 3

When using the phone App, limit the Alert Name to 14 digits, otherwise all the history message will not appear.

Tip 4

Refreshing the App occasionally by logging out and logging back in with the password, will ensure the latest upgrades have been added.

Tip 5

In the garage, keep the IR Beam area clear to avoid accidentally blocking the safety beam system and creating a false alert.

Tip 6

! CLOSE ERROR appearing on the myQ App indicates an object is in the path of the door. Closing the door with your iPhone and remotes will not be possible until the object is removed.

Tip 7

If you are having issues with your internet service, you are still able to OPEN and CLOSE your garage door locally, with the remote controls.

Tip 8

Solid Green Led on the Gateway indicates it has connected to the internet.

Tip 9

Solid Blue Led on the Gateway indicates it has paired to at least one garage door opener.

Tip 10

One Gateway module can pair with up to 16 garage door openers, provided they are located at the same site and within radio range.