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Curtains up for the ultimate school holiday performance zone

Are you running short on ideas and activities to keep your kids entertained these school holidays? Well, look no further than your garage, filled with endless possibilities!

From being the star of their own show, channelling their inner Elsa from Frozen, or performing the latest Tik Tok dance, kids’ imaginations will run wild in their new garage theatre space.

Here’s a simple guide on how to turn your garage into the ultimate performance zone.

Set the scene

With any performance, it’s important to set the scene. In this case, clearing out the garage and making sure you’re providing the kids with sufficient space to be creative is essential. Be sure to sweep the floors, clean, dust, and remove all sharp materials to make the performance area safe.

Act 1: Create the stage 

Before owning the stage, you’ll need to build one. You’re the creator of the space and can choose how grand or minimalist you’d like it to be. For a basic approach, set your carpet of choice as the boundary for the stage, it can be as big or as small as you like. Alternatively, you could place masking tape on the floor to mark the stage.

you like. Alternatively, you could place masking tape on the floor to mark the stage.

Don’t forget about the audience! Set up folding or garden chairs for the family to watch the performance. To create a warm, comfortable environment, throw pillows on the floor as a place for the kids to play when they’re not performing.

To further set the tone for the stage, install some theatre track lights to set the ambience and shine the spotlight on the kids while they’re performing.

Act 2: Curtain call

To transform the performance space, install curtains to enclose the stage. You can easily create freestanding divider curtains using a clothes rack and some curtains. Furthermore, they can be packed away when you need to use your garage for other activities.

For a more permanent look, install curtains with an adjustable tension curtain rod and your curtain style of choice to fit the theme of the space you’re transforming. For example, it can be red velvet curtains for a dramatic feel or sheer curtains for a light-hearted performance.

Act 3: Build character

You can’t have a show without costumes or props! This is a great place to involve the kids with the creation of their performance zone by installing a children’s clothes rack and allowing them to pick and choose the costumes they’d like to display.

To create a dual purpose area, install storage boxes behind the curtains to contain all toys and props that are used for performances and rehearsals, keeping your garage clean and tidy!

Act 4: The final touches 

It’s now time to get ready for opening night! Get the kids to create a welcome sign for their performance space that showcases their personality. For example, it could be a “Roll up, roll up, and see the incredible ‘Name of Act’ right here!”

Why not make use of the space and display some artwork by the kids, posters or paintings that are laying around the house?

Act 5: Lights, garage, action!

Now that you’ve got your space prepared, you’re ready to put on a show! You could use Merlin’s myQ technology to set the scene and prepare everyone for a showstopping performance!

Invite your guests in by opening the garage door with the myQ App, so you can operate your garage from ‘behind the curtain’. Use the Merlin Remote LED Light to turn lights off and on between scenes, and even open your garage door for a dramatic character reveal!

Note: myQ should be operated by adults only.

Get the kids off the screens these holidays and activate their imagination!

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