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Feeling Windy? Merlin’s Got Your Back!

Yes, you can now automate in a wind rated area!

It’s time to close that door of worry, with the good news that the two year warranty on the innovative Merlin OverDrive™ product is now approved to be used on all new windlock doors.

The Merlin OverDrive windlock warranty is based on:

* Door is professionally installed, correctly sprung and maintained to manufacturer’s instructions (evidence of professional maintenance must be provided in the event of a warranty claim).
* Product is only operated in normal conditions, not during adverse wind conditions.
* Door sizes up to 18m²

The Merlin OverDrive is the leading light commercial garage door opener around, offering an energy efficient and super quiet operation that’s backed by a two year warranty.

One of the cleverest features of the OverDrive is the automatic power adjustment and electronic mapping of the door, which sees it adapt to the change in door spring and hinge operation that happens with varying weather conditions and age. This means less maintenance and reliable operation for years to come, ultimately making you look good to your customers!

The OverDrive also uses the revolutionary Security+2.0 technology which eliminates interference while providing the highest level of security available.

With an improved transmitter range, the OverDrive is not only more reliable, but the door can be opened sooner.

Easily and quickly installed, the streamlined OverDrive is suitable for any roller door regardless of the make or model.

So, now when you install OverDrive on windlock doors Merlin has got your back. Phew!

For more information, contact your local Merlin Sales Manager.