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Five Inspiring Garage Transformations

The garage is a dynamic space which is often overlooked for its simple functional purpose. By repurposing the garage, you’ll be able to create your own signature space for work, play, or for your passion projects without having to add to your property’s footprint.

We’ve compiled five transformations to inspire your garage makeover:

 Art studio 

Arts and crafts are a great hobby, but they often take up a lot of space. Artist Anne Stine reveals how she converted her garage into an art studio, or what she calls, her “dream studio”. The polished concrete floor creates a studio feel but are also highly practical when working with paint and other messy mediums.

Simplicity is key, as an art studio is designed for creation and experimentation. In this space, the artist has a basic storage and desk area with a smooth timber finish, a sitting area and the tools and equipment required to get creative!

Man cave 

Man caves are described as ‘therapeutic’ for those who are lucky enough to boast one in their homes.

Decoist reveals an impressive garage transformation, creating a man cave space that is filled with atmosphere and character. By adding linoleum flooring, the garage space already feels less mechanical and more like a recreation room to be enjoyed. The neutral colour palette of the furnishings add a masculine vibe, and the sturdy low leather chairs would be very inviting after a long day at work.

The addition of the minibar filled with a variety of drinks and snacks creates an all-inclusive space and inspiring feelings of contentment while enjoying the man cave.

Play room 

Transforming the garage into a playroom will suit a family with kids of any age.

This garage conversion by Garaga makes use of the area’s natural light and ventilation to create a vibrant space to keep the kids entertained.

The playful feature walls keep little minds busy and imaginative as they play in the space. Fun-coloured carpet and interactive rubber mats on the ground work to protect the safety of the children who play in this space, creating a design balance that is both fun and fall-proof

Home office 

Creating a comfortable and inviting home office space is essential for overall productivity and enjoyment during the hours spent working. You should invest in a comfortable and functional desk and chair, accessible storage and shelving, suitable technology and aesthetically pleasing decorations to accessorise and personalise the area.

Take American designer, Von Tundra’s inspiring garage-to-office transformation for example. The design sees timber furniture with bright, popping colours contrast against a fresh coat of white paint to create a sense of ambiance.

Rather than utilising the garage’s harsh white-lights, the use of slightly dimmed warm lights assists in lifting the overall mood of the office to help with concentration during a long day’s work.


If you’re looking for home gym inspo, Garage Gym provides a range of garage transformations, allowing their owners to maximise on their extra garage space by working out.

Home gyms are a Merlin favourite. We love using sophisticated equipment storage and interesting equipment (even if you can’t afford expensive equipment, you can use so many different household items to create a garage gym! Check out our blog here)

Opening the garage door for a breath of fresh air will keep you cool for your sets, and make every workout a dream.

Repurposing the garage space will feel like you’ve added an extension to your home, only without the price tag. Do any of these remarkable transformations inspire you to leave your car parked on the street?

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