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Four tips from an insider: Matthew Volpatti from Autolift Sydney shares his secrets

When it comes to garage doors, Matthew Volpatti is an expert. From watching his father run Autolift at the dining table as a kid, to taking over the business 31 years ago, Matthew knows garages inside and out.

Matthew sat down with Merlin to share the four things that customers need to look out for when selecting their next automatic garage door opener.

  1. Choose a trusted brand

When it comes to your garage door, brand matters. Different brands have different values – so select a garage door opener from a trusted company that’s taken the time to build a reliable reputation.

Autolift has partnered with Merlin for 35 years for two reasons: customer service and quality. Merlin’s customer service far exceeds any other supplier, and the quality of its products is second to none.

Merlin also offers generous warranty packages (up to seven years!), so if an issue with your garage door opener does pop up, the repair process is seamless.

      2. Don’t be guided by price

When selecting a garage door opener, don’t just consider the price. The product type and accompanying safety features should also feature heavily in your decision.

It’s also important to think about your lifestyle and how your garage will fit into your daily habits.

Are you a shift worker who works long hours, coming back late into the night? The last thing you want is to wake your household with a shuddering garage door. Merlin’s   is quiet and built to last. It has the strength to open any size door silently, without impacting your family’s quality of sleep.

Or maybe you have a busy family, with your kids and partner coming and going from work, sport and social engagements?  Don’t worry about handing over the remotes, or leaving spares in the pot plant. With Merlin’s myQ App, you can grant Guest Access to all family members, allowing them to enter the house via the garage – using just a smartphone or Apple Watch.

     3. Safety matters most

Few people know that the garage door is the biggest moving object in the house. As an entryway that your family uses every day, don’t compromise on their safety.

Merlin takes safety seriously, which is why all openers are fitted with features such as auto-reverse mechanics. This system ensures that the garage door will automatically stop and reverse if it detects an obstruction.

It’s also important to ensure that your opener is always in good working order. Getting your garage door opener serviced should be as routine as a car service. Keeping your opener in top condition is vital for your safety – so book a routine check-up every two years!

     4. A dealer can make all the difference

Choosing a good product might sound easy, but it can be difficult to know where to start. A dealer takes the time to identify quality brands with key safety features for you and your family’s needs. Their extensive experience gives them expert knowledge of product type and use.

Autolift has been in business for 45 years, building a trusted reputation within our community – we’ve even had multiple generations of families come to us!

Through digitising our quote process, Autolift has made the customer experience easy and stress-free. The team can now turn around quotes in a couple of hours, rather than a couple of weeks.

Autolift also only works with top-of-the-line brands that provide customers with guaranteed quality, making – Merlin a natural partner of choice.

For more information about Merlin’s range of garage door openers and accessories, or to find a dealer near you, visit our website or call 0800 653 667.