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Get your garage ready for summer fun

For many of us, being able to travel interstate or overseas for a summer escape won’t be possible this year, but you can still make some amazing memories at home!

Summer in New Zealand is all about the great outdoors. To help your family be ready to make the most of your local region, we’ve created a few tips to help transform your garage from a storage shed into your home base for fun and adventure.

1.    Utilise hanging space for seasonal items like water sport equipment

When the weather is good, you’ll want to be able to grab those watersport essentials and hit the beach, lake or river. Give your garage a good old fashioned spring clean and re-shuffle your storage space to make it easier to find your favourite summer items.

Once you have cleared the space, an excellent method to reduce clutter is to invest in robust storage systems. For example, utilise the hanging space by installing racks to store surfboards, stand up paddle boards or kayaks, so you’re ready to get out there and have fun!

2.    Have a designated bike zone 

Bikes are a summer staple for kids and adults, but it can be dangerous if they are left lying around. To keep them in easy reach for the kids but still secure, a standing bike rack will ensure they’re ready to whiz around at a moment’s notice!

To make it even easier, pop the rack in a space where you can also keep helmets, your bike pump and tire patch kits, so the essentials are all in one space!

3.    Have a picnic set or beach bag packed for spontaneous adventures

Everyone loves a good picnic and a trip to the national park. Keeping your picnic set and activity bag packed and ready in the garage means they can be quickly and easily loaded into the car whenever you need! Pack a frisbee, picnic rug, sunscreen, toys and balls and keep them in the garage so you’re always ready for fun in the sun!

4.    Install myQ in case friends or family want to join in the fun

If friends or family need to borrow something (or want to have a quick dip in the pool while you’re not at home), you can easily and safely let them into your home with the myQ App! With the App, you can securely allow access to your home, and get real-time notifications when the door is opened and closed.

We hope you’re able to safely explore your own backyard this summer and enjoy the beautiful environment that Australia has to offer!

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