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Give mum an organised garage this Mother’s Day with these easy tips

It can be easy to buy Mum some new jewellery, a coffee mug or pyjamas for Mother’s Day. While these can be great gifts, if you’re looking to surprise her this year with something a bit more unique, a thoughtful gesture is another way to let her know how much she’s appreciated.


If you’re unsure what she might like, a good place to start is thinking about what kinds of activities she enjoys and how you can contribute to the pursuit of her hobbies. Maybe Mum has a passion for painting, creative carpentry or gardening. Or maybe she’d like a ‘chill out’ zone for herself, somewhere to retreat for a little peace and quiet or a space in the home to workout.


If any of the above sounds ideal for the Mum in your life, then using the garage to give or create a unique Mother’s Day gift might be the way to go. After all, the garage has become so much more than a space to store the car – it’s a precious space with endless possibilities.


We’ve compiled a few storage solutions to create an area that’s special and suits Mum’s needs and interests.


If she’s creative


Make Mum her own DIY studio with flexible wall systems and removable shelves so she can customise the space layout depending on the artwork.


Handy baskets are great to keep arts and craft supplies easily accessible, as well as hooks in the wall to hang easels and a small stool to sit. Moving an old closet or buying a cheap one online for the garage will make a convenient place to store extra supplies like tins of paint and canvas drop cloths.


If she likes the outdoors


There are several wall storage systems for bicycles on the market which can also work for storing portable gym equipment such as boxing gloves and yoga mats. Not only are they a massive space saver, they keep bikes and equipment safe and secure – one less thing for Mum to worry about!


If she wants some extra storage


Built in cupboards are a good addition to any garage. Whether it’s a place to safe-keep precious items (such as childhood keepsakes) or store gardening equipment, built in cupboards are versatile and a great way to keep items that would otherwise create clutter.


If she wants somewhere to workout


The garage is the perfect place for a home gym. Setting up a home gym can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on your Mum’s workout of choice, you can add a few simple items to deck the place out. A reasonably priced spin bike, a few hand weights or a punching bag and skipping rope can provide a killer workout at the fraction of the price of a gym membership (and from the comfort of her own home!)


Whatever space you decide to go with, there’s no doubt that Mum will be grateful and appreciative of the thoughtful gesture – and chuffed with her very own space!