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Greg Murphy Partners with Merlin

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Four-time Bathurst 1000 champion, Greg Murphy, has partnered with New Zealand’s leading garage door opener manufacturer, Merlin, to make garage door safety and compliance a priority for all New Zealand home owners.

Despite being the largest moving object in the home, garage door safety and maintenance requirements are often overlooked. With New Zealanders injured every year by automated garage doors, it’s time to make garage door safety as important as checking smoke alarm batteries or the pool fence.

Merlin ensures that its openers are of the highest quality and that they comply with the appropriate New Zealand and Australian safety standards (AS/NZS 4505:2012 and 60335-2-95). However, not all opener products that enter New Zealand are compliant with these standards, placing home owners at risk.

Greg is passionate about car and driver safety; advocating for well over 10 years now on many different road safety initiatives which includes recently launching a young driver practical training program in New Zealand. He also believes driver safety starts at home, in the garage.

“Being a professional racing car driver, I strongly believe in safety first, whether it’s on the road or in our homes. I do this by ensuring that my garage door is compliant with safety standards and by undertaking regular garage door maintenance,” says Greg Murphy.

Greg is encouraging all New Zealanders to ensure that their garage door opener is compliant and that they know how to check if it’s in safe working order.

According to Merlin, garage door safety reversal tests should be done every month by placing a solid object such as a block of wood 40mm above the base of the garage door’s path and setting it to close. If the door doesn’t reverse in less than a second (0.75 second) when it touches the object, Merlin recommends New Zealanders call a professional dealer to assess it.

Home owners can keep their family and belongings safe by following these three steps:

  1. Test your opener by performing a safety reversal test
  2. Undertake regular inspections and servicing
  3. Learn the safety features of your garage door opener

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