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Looking to bring your home up to speed with the latest smart technology but not sure where to begin? Start with the garage to really make a smart impact on your life, every day.


With nearly 110 million smart home devices shipped worldwide in 2018, it’s likely you would have seen or heard the latest talk around town of how they can improve your lifestyle.


From automated lights to voice activated speakers, technology continues to evolve and integrate into our lives to make it easier, safer and more convenient.


For many, the garage door is an everyday part of life. Merlin’s myQ technology makes operating your garage door effortless, with the ability to control your garage door with the tap of a finger through the myQ App on your smartphone, tablet, Apple Watch or computer.


Read below to find out which smart devices will best transform your garage.


Merlin myQ Connectivity Bundle


The myQ Connectivity Bundle is great for those who need to monitor their garage away from home. If you travel a lot, want more security or often have people coming and going into the house, the myQ connectivity bundle is ideal.


  • Control your garage door anytime, from anywhere: Whether you have a delivery to accept or need to let the kids, family members or friends into your garage or home, myQ gives you complete control to open and close your garage door at any time.


  •  Receive alerts and notifications: Feel confident that family members have made it home safe and sound, check that your P-Plater made it home before their curfew or know if a potential intruder is in your garage through alerts and notifications.


  • Scheduling: For those that have a regular time of the day or week they know the garage needs to be open, the scheduling feature of the myQ Connectivity Bundle is a game changer. For example, next time the gardener comes for the weekly visit you can leave the garage door open and schedule it to close once they’ve finished.


  •  It’s compatible: If you’ve already got a new Merlin garage door opener, the myQ Connectivity Bundle is compatible with most of the new Merlin range of garage door openers, meaning you can easily integrate it into your existing garage door system.


myQ Remote LED Light


The myQ Remote LED Light is perfect for those who come and go late at night or early in the morning when it’s still dark.


If you ever find yourself looking for the light switch in the dark or have tripped over the kids’ skateboard, you need the myQ Remote LED Light. This product illuminates a large space and can be controlled via its remote or via the myQ App on any smart device, meaning you can turn on the light before you’ve even got inside.


Instead of using your mobile phone torch to guide you, the myQ Remote LED Light will bring the room to life and means you won’t have to navigate your way through the garage with a torch in hand.


The myQ Remote LED Light is designed to easily mount onto the garage wall or ceiling and is supplied with a 1.8m power lead. You can even add multiple myQ Remote LED Lights if you want to really brighten up the garage or workspace.


A key feature about the Merlin myQ Remote LED Light is that you can connect and enable it to automatically turn on, or off, when your garage door opens or closes.


It’s compatible with the new Merlin range of garage door openers, check here to see if your garage door opener is one of them!


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