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Homeowner turned garage superhero

For many of us, the garage is a place to house cars, tools and bikes, but recently we’ve seen a surge in people using their garages as gyms, playrooms, offices and so much more!

Whether they are looking for some extra space or as an extension without renovating, or they just need a secure place to work (or play), the garage is the most versatile room in the house!

Merlin wants to encourage everyone to think about their garage differently, because it’s a highly versatile space that’s not just for cars!

Phil Robey is an avid collector and his garage has taken a functional approach for his hobby, housing his extensive collection of superhero and pop culture figurines and collectibles.

“As a child, I was also fascinated by superheroes and action figures, but we really weren’t able to have them like this as we lived quite sparingly. I purchased a few in my youth, but my mother actually had to sell them to pay for our living expenses” says Phil.

“I made a promise to myself that one day, when I had enough money, I would start building my collection, and from there, I began slowly obtaining figures and items from garage sales, vintage stores and comic book stores. I’m living my childhood dream!”

Phil lives in far north Queensland, Australia, with his wife Gen and his impressive collection of hundreds of collectibles and figurines, totalling over $100,000 – $200,000 in value to a collector, so keeping them in his garage ticked the boxes for space and security.

“When I first started my collection, it was taking up an entire room in our home (and the floor). My wife was frustrated at having to always step over my collectibles, and I was worried about them breaking, and about not being able to continue collecting, so I decided I needed a bigger space” says Phil.

“Collectibles like mine are extremely susceptible to temperature, dust, humidity and light. While Gen was thrilled to have her room back, I really needed an area that would protect my collectibles, so I created a ventilated room inside the garage, which was windowless and perfect for keeping my collectibles secure and protected from the outside environment. It’s the ideal space!”

“My garage is fitted with a Merlin garage door opener which gives me peace of mind that my collection is safe.”

Merlin is passionate about security, which is why our Merlin range of garage door openers come with superior security technology. For extra piece of mind, Merlin garage door openers are also compatible with myQ technology, which allows you to monitor and control your garage door away from home from the myQ App on your smart phone or Apple Watch.

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