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How to: Create a music studio in your garage

It can be hard to get into the creative musical zone, particularly if you don’t have a designated space to focus on jamming.

Practising in the hallway at home can make you feel like you’re busking in the streets, and your family members may not entirely appreciate the background music as they’re trying to watch Netflix.

Whether you’re learning your first instrument or perhaps you’re a veteran performer who’s been spinning the decks or producing your own sounds for years’, you’ll appreciate the peace and privacy of a music studio.

Moreover, this garage transformation will enable you to take complete advantage of the often-unused garage space where your inner Bon Jovi or Billie Eilish can thrive.

Step one: Sound proofing your studio 

While you might be of the opinion that the garage is an ideal place for band practise, make sure the neighbours feel the same way. Certain musical instruments, such as the drums, are hard sounds to isolate. Keep the neighbourhood happy by sound proofing the garage space.

If you’ve got a comfortable budget to spend on your garage conversion, one of the simplest ways to sound proof the garage is through insulation, which will also help to reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in summer. Drywalling the space will play a huge role in isolating sound to a professional standard and you can then utilise soundproof foam for that professional studio finish.

If you’re on a stricter budget, soundproofing the space requires a little extra creativity, but is still very achievable. For example, a rug on the ground is essential to stop the sound reverberating, and investing in sound proof curtains and panels will reduce garage echo and prevent music sounds from bouncing on walls and windows.

Similarly, acoustic blankets will help block sound from escaping, and will do a much better job than the old myth that egg cartons provide top-notch sound proofing!

Step two: Designing a creative space 

Investing in proper stands and covers for your instruments won’t only look great – it will keep them in ideal form too. For the safety of both yourself and your equipment, ensure all cords are taped to the ground so that they don’t become a tripping hazard and that you have plenty of storage available for your music and other accessories.

To get the most out of the converted space, create zones in the garage for each different musical activity. For example, a performance area for rehearsals, a production area with a sturdy desk for writing and contemplation, and a comfortable zone for listening to your favourite artists for inspo!

Now comes the fun part, curating an area where your music creativity can thrive. Apply a fresh coat of paint, swap harsh lighting for softer, warmer bulbs, install hanging curtains or blinds, and hang some posters of your artistic muses.

Step three: Getting ventilated 

Access to fresh air via proper ventilation is important when jamming in an enclosed room, like the garage. To protect your health and wellbeing, it’s a good idea to invest in installing a type of exhaust in the garage, such as a window or small fan.

A more permanent option is the installation of a roof turbine vent (typically referred to as a whirlybird), which operate by twirling in the wind currents, drawing air up from the garage.

Step four: Purchasing the right equipment 

To take your studio to the next level, you’ll need the right tech. It’s a good idea to start with tools to foster technical improvement, such as a microphone to record your rehearsals.

Within no time you’ll be ready to add more layers to your performances with essential studio equipment, including your choice of instrument(s), a computer for studio recording, microphone, amp, a digital audio workstation (DAW), a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC), drum machines and audio recorders.

Whether you’re a music novice who enjoys getting creative on the weekends as a way to let off steam, or a professional musician looking to create a new studio space for producing and recording; transforming your garage into a music studio will allow you to enjoy your creative outlet and reach your full potential.

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