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How to create the ultimate hi-tech modern garage

With the evolution of technology, our lives and homes are getting smarter and more advanced every day. From smart phones and watches to fridges, washing machines and everything in between, there are so many ways technology can help make everyday life that little bit easier.

The best part is that smart technology doesn’t need to just be inside the house and your home’s garage is certainly no exception!

Here are six hi-tech garage gadgets to help you create the ultimate modern garage.

Get connected

Our garages are used for so much more than housing cars! If you’re a keen DIY enthusiast looking for inspiration or watching YouTube tutorials for your next project, a wifi-extender will help maintain a reliable Internet connection in your modernised garage, so you’ll always stay connected.

Light it up

There’s nothing worse than fumbling around in the dark for the garage light switch or having bruised shins from an unseen storage box or bike.

Merlin’s myQ Remote LED Light illuminates your garage from corner to corner and can be operated using either your garage door remote or smartphone via the myQ App. It can also be connected to your garage door opener, so it turns on as soon as your garage door opens.

You don’t even need a compatible Merlin garage door opener for the myQ Remote LED Light to work in your garage, and you can also use multiple myQ Remote LED lights simultaneously to create the perfect modern garage workspace.

Lighten your pockets

If you’re heading out for a walk with the family, the jingle of keys in your pocket can really weigh you down. Merlin’s Wireless Security Keypad gives you access to your smart garage via a keypad and unique code.

This is also great when family pops by unexpectedly or you need to let someone into your garage when you’re not home. Just give them the code and easily change it when you’re done if you need to, for complete peace of mind.

Control and monitor from anywhere

Have you ever driven halfway to your destination and had that sinking feeling that you forgot to close the garage door behind you? Merlin’s myQ Connectivity Kit allows you to monitor and control your garage door no matter where you are, from your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch and sends real-time alerts and notifications when the garage door is opened, closed or left open for a period of time.

The myQ Connectivity Kit is compatible with The Commander Essential, Commander Elite, Commander Extreme, SilentDrive Essential and SilentDrive Elite, and comes as standard with the Commander Ultimate.

Whether it’s letting in a family member or courier while you’re away or scheduling the garage door to close at a certain time, Merlin’s myQ innovative technology gives you peace of mind that your smart garage is secure.

Put safety first

The safety of your family has always been Merlin’s primary concern. Merlin’s myQ technology comes equipped with The Protector System (Safety IR Beams), which will reverse the door in less than two seconds if it senses an obstruction. This technology can help prevent injury or damage to your vehicle, family or pets.

Upgrade and automate

A manual garage door is unreliable, inconvenient and noisy, and nobody wants to be struggling trying to open the garage door in the rain with groceries or the kids!

Merlin’s range of premium garage door openers are smooth in operation and come equipped with the latest security and safety features as standard. From automatic safety reversal is the door is obstructed, to ensure your family and possessions are protected. Merlin’s Security+2.0 encryption rolling code and timer-to-close technology means safe and secure operation from a greater distance than ever before.

To learn more about the features of Merlin’s range of automatic garage door openers, visit our website or call 0800 653 667.