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How To: Get your garage ready for winter


Don’t let the impending chilly and rainy weather catch you off guard!  

Before you hibernate for the winter, get ahead and make sure your garage doesn’t turn into a cluttered mess or a haven for unexpected surprises.  

Our quick and easy guide will help you get your garage ready to face the season head-on and avoid any unexpected mishaps! 

Give your garage a winter makeover 

The lead up to winter is a great time to declutter and organise your garage, especially considering all the things that may have piled up over the summer.. 

Invest in some sturdy storage options to keep your tools, sports equipment, and other possessions safe and protected. Keep them off the ground, where practical, as storing items on the floor can leave them at risk of potential water damage if your garage has a leak or floods.  

Inspect your roof for any cracks or damage on a dry and wind-free day. If you have a safe and steady ladder, clear out your drains and gutters of any debris to avoid any overflow. 

Cleaning out the garage early will also help to avoid other critters from choosing your home as a potential place to hibernate! 

Upgrade your lighting 

With shorter daylight hours in winter, having good lighting in your garage becomes even more important. 

Be careful to replace any burnt out bulbs and consider upgrading to the myQ Remote LED Light to brighten up the space and improve visibility during those dark winter mornings and early evenings. 

You can also schedule your myQ Remote LED Light to turn on or off from your phone, which means no more fumbling for the power switch in the dark!

Be prepared for power outages 

Winter can be unpredictable, with the increased potential for storms bringing with it the looming threat of power outages. This can sometimes mean a temporary loss of digital access. 

At Merlin, safety is paramount, so we recommend preparing an emergency kit, containing LED torches, batteries, and a car mobile phone charger – just in case! Make sure it’s somewhere easy to find, if the unexpected happens. 

Knowing how to operate the manual release cord on your garage door is also crucial to ensure that you can get in and out quickly and safely. Our easy-to-understand instructions are available here.  

Service your garage door 

A garage door service ensures that the largest moving object in your home is safe and working properly.  

Even if you haven’t noticed a fault with your garage door opener, booking a service every two years will help to prevent future problems and unexpected costs. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the rain as your garage door grinds to a halt! 

To organise a service for your Merlin garage door opener, contact our customer service team on 0800 653 667.  


With a little preparation, your garage will be a safe and functional haven all winter long. For more tips or to browse our wide range of garage door openers, gate openers and accessories, visit our website or call 0800 653 667.