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How to keep your home and family safe with smart-tech: Merlin’s Grant Emanuel shares his top tips

Looking to upgrade your home with the latest smart technology but not sure where to start? At Merlin, we are the experts in home access. Our products can elevate your garage to the latest technology to help you, and your family, enjoy the advantages of safety and convenience.

We spoke to Grant Emanuel, who has been with Merlin for almost 10 years, (and who is an avid user of Merlin products!) to discuss the benefits and importance of smart technology.

Here are Grant’s top five perks of installing smart technology in your garage, based on years of customer feedback, and his own personal use of Merlin’s leading myQ technology.

  1. Top tech puts you in control

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that you may have left the garage door open?

With Merlin’s industry-leading myQ App, you can monitor and control your garage door 24/7, from anywhere in the world. myQ technology is designed to give you peace of mind and ensure your home and belongings are safe and secure.

“I love that I can control the home from anywhere,” says Grant. “I must admit that once or twice I’ve left the garage door open when leaving in a rush, so being able to close the garage door from phone, and make sure my garage and belongings are safe, is an excellent feature.”

  1. Set schedules

Does someone in your home have regular early morning starts or late-night finishes? With the myQ App, you can schedule your garage lights to turn on and off at specific days and times.

Whether you’re away on a trip or leaving the light on for someone to arrive home, the myQ Daily Schedules function is an easy and convenient way to keep the home safe.

“I set schedules to automatically close the garage door and turn off the light every night, says Grant.

“This is one of my favourite mQ features as a way to keep your home and family safe if you do happen to forget to close the garage door before going to bed (it happens to the best of us!)”

  1. Safety beams

Has your pet ever run under a closing garage door? Merlin’s smart technology is designed to keep your pets and family safe when the unexpected happens – even when you’re not at home and operating the door via your phone

If the sensors detect interference, such as a pet or child, the automatic safety reverse function immediately kicks in.

“Our products come with infrared safety sensors so that the door will never close on anyone or anything precious – like your family dog!”

“This is what I love about Merlin. We’re all about keeping families and homes safe, so safety is top of mind when we’re designing and implementing protective functions such as this one,” says Grant.

  1. Add guests for extra security

Have you ever needed to give your spare house key to a trusted friend or family member just in case you lost yours? myQ’s Guest feature allows you to securely grant limited access to your home with up to five users.

For additional security, you can control when and how these users have access to your home.

“myQ allows you to see who comes and goes to your home,” says Grant. “I’ve created guest profiles for a few friends if they need to check on the house while we’re away on holidays.

“You can even set up profiles for your kids to give you that peace of mind that they’ve arrived home from school safely.”

  1. Alert me!

The most important security feature in Grant’s opinion? The ability to program your myQ App to send you real-time notifications when the garage door is opened and closed.

“If you leave the garage door open after you have left the house, then you’ll be alerted and have the opportunity to close it remotely,” says Grant.

“Just another handy feature so that you can be confident that your home and belongings are safe.

“I must admit – I don’t know what we did without myQ!”

Merlin’s innovative myQ smart technology puts the control in your hands. All you need to do is install Merlin’s myQ Connectivity Kit to your existing garage door, and download the myQ App. With the ability to set schedules, add guest users and monitor the garage remotely, you can truly get the best out of your smart tech.

For more information about Merlin’s or to browse our range of garage door openers and accessories, visit our website or call 0800 653 667.