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Hunter and the Harp Meadery

From online fashion retailers, technology startups, and media companies, the humble home garage has been a launch pad for some of the most famous companies in the world. From Apple to Google, the garage has been a versatile, creative space where big ideas can become reality.

For a true Aussie small business to thrive, it needs to be driven by enthusiasm and determination, with a genuine passion for creating unique products and bringing something new to the market.

Merlin loves to uncover inspired stories about how Aussies are making the most of their garage.

Meet Joel Robinson, a former sea captain, father and entrepreneur and founder of Hunter and the Harp. Based out of his home in New South Wales, Hunter and the Harp produces modern, Australian made mead.

Named after Joel’s children, Hunter and Harper, Hunter and the Harp is a micro-meadery operating out of his home garage, where he prepares, mixes, brews and distributes his mead. His online store allows him to distribute to customers across Australia.

What is mead?

If you’re a little confused about what mead is, you’re not alone. Mead is a drink that’s made by fermenting honey with water and other ingredients like spices or grains and tends to be around eight or nine per cent alcohol.

“We’re creating a type of mead unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else in Australia,” Joel says.

“While most meads are fairly sweet and typically reserved for after dinner, our style of mead is light and refreshing and can be enjoyed at any time.

“We really wanted to embody the Australian way of life through our mead,” adds Joel.

One of Joel’s primary passions is to use locally sourced ingredients while supporting small Australian owned businesses.

“We love working with local producers, always sourcing fresh ingredients from local farms, along with quality Australian honey direct from our beekeeper. We believe in a business model that benefits from a sustainable approach to our day to day operations and want to be a trusted member within the community,” says Joel.

As Joel’s livelihood relies on the security of his garage, Merlin’s superior technology gives him peace of mind. The technology that supports his business space such as lighting and security features is more important than you might think!

“Ensuring that our premise is secure is very important to us, to our insurance policy, and to our overall wellbeing,” says Joel.

Check out this great video of Joel and his awesome garage space!