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Is your garage door an accident waiting to happen?

The garage door is one of the most durable items in our homes, often surviving the cars parked behind it and all sorts of weather conditions. However, at some point the dents, scratches, or a worn motor will have an impact on the door’s ability to provide security and function reliably and safely.

As the largest moving object in the home, an old or unreliable garage door can put your possessions and personal safety at risk. In fact, according to Merlin’s Safety Report, one in ten homeowners have been injured by an automated garage door.

But how can you tell if it’s time to invest in a new door? Read below for three clear signs that it’s time to replace your garage door, or garage door opener, to keep your family safe and secure.

Rust and corrosion  

Reduced safety is the biggest danger associated with old garage doors and/or openers. The materials of the garage door itself can make you vulnerable, particularly as they begin to wear away and become easier to break down. Rust and corrosion can impact the tracks, wheels and cables, increasing the likelihood of jams or placing added pressure on the garage door opener which can lead to safety failures.

An additional risk associated with old garage doors and/or openers is reduced security. Locks can become worn and rusty, making it easier for a thief to remove or break them. We wouldn’t leave our front door unlocked, so the same should be said for our garage door!

Outdated safety and security garage door opener technology 

In the last decade, much of the new technology associated with garage door openers has been to make our garages safer. Merlin’s garage doors openers are compatible with the Protector System (Safety IR Beams), which will automatically reverse the door in two seconds if it detects an object in its path, such as a small child, pet or toy.

Security for garage door openers has also changed over the years. Garage door openers installed prior to 1993 use a more basic form of technology, and the signal from a garage door opener could potentially be received by others in the area, allowing either neighbours or thieves to open a garage door that isn’t theirs.

Modern Merlin garage door openers use Security 2.0+ which use an encrypted rolling code to help eliminate interference, sending a new code to your remote with every click.

For extra peace of mind, Merlin’s myQ Technology allows you to monitor and control your garage door anywhere, anytime from your smartphone or smart device.

If your garage door opener is missing these key features, it may be time to consider updating your garage door or its opener technology.

Past its prime 

Garage door springs have a lot of heavy lifting to do, particularly if you consider that a garage door can weigh more than 135kgs. In the event that the garage door springs snap or break and someone is in close proximity, injury or damage is a possible outcome. The likelihood of the springs breaking is amplified when the garage door is either opening or closing, further increasing the chance of a person being nearby.

Replacing your garage door and/or opener can enhance your home security and personal safety, while also adding to the exterior aesthetics of your home and increasing overall property value.

If you think it might be time to update your garage door opener technology, we’ve got every product you need to keep your garage safe and secure. Our product selector helps you to choose the right Merlin opener for your garage door depending on your home, lifestyle, location and needs – consider your options today!

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