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Make the Most of the Festive Season With Merlin

The busiest time of year is here again!

We all know too well that the excitement of the holidays can also bring with it unique challenges. Luckily, Merlin has a range of secure Garage Door and Gate Openers, and a range of accessories, to help make the Christmas period that little bit easier! Here are three ways that Merlin’s range of automatic openers and accessories can elevate your holiday season this year. 

#1 Help Santa Stay Secret

During the festive season, there’s nothing better than having gifts delivered right to your doorstep. For some, though, the temptation to peek is just too much!

The myQ Connectivity Kit is compatible with Merlin’s range of Garage Door and Gate Openers, allowing you to monitor and control your garage from your smartphone. With myQ, you can schedule a time for your garage door to close after your courier or postman has hidden your delivery safely out of sight for you. Now, you can avoid the risk of parcels being left on the doorstep or kids answering the door and finding out what Santa got for them.

#2 Avoid Christmas Accidents

According to the Accident Compensation Corporation,the Christmas season is one of the most common periods that injuries occur in the home.

To keep your family safe in high-risk areas such as the garage, it’s important to make sure that they’re clean and clear of hazards. Store your decorations out of reach of children and take the Merlin Garage Safety Checklist to ensure that your garage is as safe as can be during the busy holiday period.

You should also consider installing Safety Beams if you don’t already have them in place in your garage. The Safety Beam Protector System reliably stops the garage door from closing and making contact when the beam is obstructed or broken, helping to prevent injury.

 #3 Let the in-laws come (and, importantly, Go!)

So, you agreed to host the family Christmas party… That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it!

With myQ connected to your compatible gate and garage door opener, you can let your family come and go without leaving the dinner table!  When the in-laws are ready to leave for the day, you can happily control the front gate remotely through the myQ App and watch them go in peace.

Merlin brings the holiday magic

In the busy lead up to Christmas Day, Merlin’s range of accessories can help by bringing safety and convenience.

Whether you’re leaving your home unoccupied while on holiday or simply expecting more deliveries to turn up on your doorstep, monitoring your home with Merlin’s range of Openers and Accessories can give you peace of mind knowing that everything is safe and secure this festive season.

To browse our range or if you’d like to gift Merlin to a loved one this Christmas, visit our website here.

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