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Make your garage a no-contact delivery zone with myQ

Over the past few months, delivery services have experienced demand higher than the lead up to Christmas, as New Zealanders are turning to online shopping for groceries and other essential supplies as well as items to help pass the time at home like home exercise equipment, toys, puzzles and art supplies.

“Many delivery companies, including food services are offering ‘contactless delivery’, where they’ll leave the parcel at your doorstep. But New Zealanders are hungry for a safer and more secure option,” says Grant Emanuel, Marketing Director International, Chamberlain Group.

So what if you could simply open your garage from your phone or Apple Watch, let the courier in to leave the packages safely in your garage, and close it when they leave?

myQ smart technology is designed to conveniently connect you to your garage whether you’re at home or away.

“With the myQ App, you can monitor and control your garage door right from your phone. If you’re self-isolating, in quarantine or simply not home, you can let the delivery driver into your garage to drop off your parcels or food delivery safely,” says Grant.

To use myQ for your parcel delivery, you can simply leave a message in the delivery notes to text when they arrive and use the remote access technology to open your garage once they do. You can check out a video of how myQ technology works with no contact delivery here.

The security of our garages is so important at the moment, especially since we are all at home more often! The myQ App has 24/7 monitoring and sends real time notifications whenever the garage door is open or closed, so you can take action if something isn’t right.

“You can also check the status of your garage door and close it if you’ve forgotten, and you can even schedule the door to close at a certain time. Having the most advanced technology gives you peace of mind that your garage, and all your possessions inside it, are secure,” says Grant.

The myQ App is compatible with Merlin garage door openers in New Zealand, and comes integrated with the Merlin Commander Ultimate. Our network of professional Merlin dealers can install a premium garage door opener complete with the myQ Connectivity Kit.

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