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Merlin launches next generation of SilentDrive Pro and QuietDrive Pro

Leading global garage door automation manufacturer, Merlin, has launched the next generation of their bestselling SilentDrive and QuietDrive openers, with the new products offering customers a sleeker design and enhanced performance features.

“At Merlin, we’re constantly looking for ways to advance the standards of garage door automation. The SilentDrive Pro and QuietDrive Pro combine the latest tech with critical customer and dealer feedback to deliver an even better product for homeowners,” says Merlin Product Marketing Manager, James Diab.

“Merlin’s SilentDrive and QuietDrive have been on the market for seven years and are recognised as one of the bestselling garage door openers in Australia and a favourite among homeowners.

“The new generation range, SilentDrive Pro and QuietDrive Pro will build on Merlin’s commitment to deliver durable and reliable products that are supported by Merlin’s first class sales, service and support team,” adds Mr Diab.

The new SilentDrive Pro and QuietDrive Pro models will feature a powerhead with a modern black design, complemented with a sleek hinged cover.

The new products have been designed to reflect customer and dealer feedback which identified that the exposed buttons on the roller door opener could be improved. The new enclosed front panel design ensures buttons aren’t accidently pressed or bumped, reducing the potential of malfunctions or unnecessary service call outs.

New improved LED lights will make each visit in and out of the garage brighter for customers. In addition, the products’ noise rating enhancement means the opener is now even quieter.

The SilentDrive Pro continues to come with a seven year warranty, while the QuietDrive Pro offers a five year warranty. Both products come with an expanded kit containing two Premium+ remotes, a powerhead, a two channel wireless wall button and a weight bar.

“Merlin is committed to making sure that Australian garage doors are safe and compliant with Australian standards. We’re sure customers will love the whisper quiet technology and modern design of SilentDrive Pro and QuietDrive Pro,” concludes Mr Diab.

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