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Open up possibilities with the Commander Ultimate

Opening up possibilities, the Commander Ultimate is the only Merlin garage door opener that integrates Merlin’s latest safety and security features and additional accessories into a compact, space saving design.

Not only innovative, the Commander Ultimate’s sleek black design is also stylish and practical, mounting directly on the wall, removing the need to install the opener on the ceiling, resulting in a neat garage set up.

Integrated myQ technology

With built in Wi-Fi, the Commander Ultimate includes integrated myQ technology, allowing you to monitor and control your garage door away from home through the myQ App on your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch.

The myQ App removes those moments of panic that you’ve forgotten to close the door with 24/7 notifications, remote control of your garage door from anywhere and set schedules to close the garage door.

The Protector Safety System (Safety IR Beams)

The Commander Ultimate also includes The Protector Safety System (Safety IR Beams). Safety Beams reliably stops the garage door closing when the beam is obstructed or broken, giving peace of mind that your children, pets, and belongings won’t be caught under the garage door.

Integrated Battery Backup

If the power goes out, the Commander Ultimate’s integrated Battery Backup will ensure your garage will function normally, so you can enter and exit your home via the garage.

myQ Remote LED Light

Tired of coming home to a dark garage? Make sure you can get around safely with a myQ Remote LED Light which can have schedules set and by turned on and off using the myQ App or garage door remote.

Space saving design

The Commander Ultimate has a smart, slim design that fits neatly between your garage door opener and the garage wall. This means you can utilise your garage’s full potential by installing ceiling racks or hooks for optimised storage space.

Wired Smart Control Panel 

The Merlin Wired Smart Control Panel has an array of safety and security functionalities for your garage door. With a built-in motion sensor, the panel detects movement in the room and automatically activates the myQ Remote LED Light in the garage.

The Smart Control panel also controls the Automatic Garage Door Lock, which prevents unwanted entry and provides an extra layer of security. The ‘Timer to Close’ functionality automatically closes the garage door after a defined period of time.

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