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Organise your garage these holidays

Tips and tricks to make room for your new gifts and gadgets

New tools, toys and sporting equipment to squeeze into the garage after Christmas? Don’t worry, Merlin has you covered with these super easy garage organisation tips.

  1. Clear the clutter
    If you’ve accumulated a mass of junk over the years, you’re not alone. Start by taking everything out of the garage. If you’re not sure whether to keep or toss, ask yourself one question with each item; ‘When was the last time I used this?’.
  2. Organise your items
    Once you decide what you need to keep, group similar items such as cleaning supplies, beach toys, sports equipment, power tools etc. Organise the garage into ‘zones’ so that each group of items has its place and can be put back there after use.
  3. Space-saving shelving
    As a rule, it’s important to keep as much garage clutter off the floor as possible. Utilise all possible wall space with shelves. Wall shelves will also give you the option to store items you don’t use often; like paint cans and camping gear safely and out of the way, giving you more room for the items you need regularly.
  4. ‘Tis the season
    Rotate your storage boxes and zones to match the seasons; beach gear can be packed away during winter, and you won’t need your ski gear during summer!