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Safety beams 101: How safety beams improve the safety of your garage for the whole family

A garage door closing on anyone can be painful, but for small children and pets, it can be

dangerous. Merlin always advises homeowners to consider products such as safety beams, as they provide extra assurance that loved ones and possessions are always safe.

Designed to increase the safety and functionality of automated garage doors, safety beams are an additional feature that garage owners can add to their doors to protect their family and belongings.

Safety beam systems use invisible beams that extend across the opening of your garage door, operating in a similar way to the sensor on a lift door. If this beam is broken during operation, the door will stop and immediately reverse to avoid injury or damage.

For example, if your child or pet ran under the door while it was closing (which happens in many family homes), the door would stop and reverse before making contact with the child or pet.

Safety beams, such as our Protector System (Safety IR Beams), can be easily installed by your local Merlin dealer.


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