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Simple tips for a safe start to the school year

With school heading back in a few days, it’s the perfect time to do a safety recap with the whole family.


From road rules to safety around the garage, here are a few safety tips to consider when heading back to school.


Road rules recap

If your children walk to and from school, spend a few minutes to chat through the road safety rules, including;

  •    Always using pedestrian crossings and crossing at traffic signals
  •    Stopping and checking at every driveway
  •    Walking on the footpath, close to houses and away from the road
  •    Holding hands with a parent or carer near roads or in carparks


Don’t play around the garage door

The garage door is the biggest moving item in the house, and can also be very dangerous.

Keep an eye on kids playing in the driveway and make sure they stay well away from the door when in operation

  •   Make a family rule that no toys, sporting equipment or bikes/scooters are left on the driveway
  •   Keep the garage door remote is out of reach, it’s not a toy


We’ve got an awesome colouring-in book  that can teach kids how to be safe around the garage door.


Stick to the speed limit

For mums, dads and grandparents doing the school run, take care behind the wheel –  the 40km/h speed limit in school zones is there to protect children in school areas. Even a small difference in vehicle speed can make a large difference to the danger of serious injury.


If a car hits a pedestrian at 50km/h, the driver is twice as likely to kill the pedestrian than if the car had been travelling at 40km/h.


Be sure to:

  •  Always slow down for school buses that are loading or unloading children
  •  Watch for school crossing guards and obey their signals
  •  Never hold your phone or become distracted while driving

Be safe during school drop off

Make sure you know the school’s rules about school drop off and pick up.

  •   Obey school drop off  zones/kiss and ride zones
  •   If you can’t see your child entering the grounds from where you are, park and walk them to the gate
  •   Never double park or park illegally in a disability or emergency space