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Spring into safety! How to bring your garage out of hibernation with Merlin

With winter behind us, now is the perfect opportunity to give your home a much-needed refresh. While we often focus on spring cleaning our living spaces, it’s important not to overlook your garage, which can be a common dumping ground for overflow, clutter and junk.  

 Luckily, we’ve put together our top tips to prepare your garage for the warmer months! 

 Secure shelving and storage 

 Ever had that “I totally forgot about this” moment when you finally confront all that junk that has been piling up in the garage?  

 Well, shelving, wall hooks and storage boxes are great ways to conquer those stacks of clutter, which can pose a risk to those walking through the garage.  

For enhanced safety, we recommend securely anchoring shelves, or any freestanding furniture, to the wall as these can often lead to accidents, particularly if children attempt to climb them.  

Garage floor 

 A clean and clear garage floor is pivotal to prevent injuries. Take the time to carefully inspect for cracks or missing sections in your floor, as these can become trip hazards, especially for young children.  

 It is also important to keep entryways free of any obstructions, such as bikes or scooters. This ensures easy and safe access in and out of the garage. 

 Garage door safety 

 With the warmer weather, comes more time spent outdoors, and hosting friends and family. Ensuring your garage door is in optimal working condition is crucial to keep your home, belongings and loved ones safe and secure throughout the spring season. 

 We recommend performing a safety reversal test on your garage door, to ensure its auto-reverse function is working. Place an object 40mm above the base of the door and set it to close. If it doesn’t reverse in less than a second when it touches the object call your local dealer at 0800 638 234 for an assessment. You can also check out our video here to find out more.  

 Additional safety sensor technology, such as Merlin’s Safety Beam Protector System, is another great way to prevent injury or damage to pets, children or vehicles. Compatible with most Merlin garage door openers, safety beams immediately stop and reverse the garage door from closing when the beams are obstructed or broken.  

 Another top tip is knowing how to operate the manual release cord on your garage door. This can help you and your family access or exit the garage when a power outage occurs or if household doors are not accessible.  

For most garage doors, your manual release cord will be located near the motor on the side of the door. If you have a sectional or tilt door, the manual release cord will be in the middle of the garage ceiling.  



For more tools and knowledge on how to keep your loved ones safe around the garage, check out the Merlin x Kidsafe Garage Safety Checklist here.  

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