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Transform your garage into a new space

Transform the garage

Five alternate uses for your garage

The garage has more potential than simply a storage space. If you’re lacking space in your home, need a quiet place to work or study, or a place to entertain, then transforming your garage is a great way to utilise available space.

Here are five different ways to transform your garage into a new space.

1. A children’s playroom

Want to give your kids a special space just to play? To foster little imaginations, transform your garage space into a colourful children’s playroom. It will give you space to store toys, playsets and gadgets, keeping your house clean.The best part? There’s no chance of stepping on a LEGO block when you walk through the house!

2. An entertainment room

Since garages are large open spaces, it’s the perfect place to set up a gaming or entertainment room. With plenty of space for games like ping pong and pool, and systems with TVs and speakers, it’s the ideal entertainment space.

3.     A home office

If you have to take work home with you, it can sometimes be hard to block out family, pets, and the chaos of household life. With a secluded home office, you can give yourself the optimal space to get work done. If you’re starting your own business, home offices are the perfect way to cut down on expenses.

4.     The music studio

Garage bands are a popular choice for musical children, teenagers and adults alike. It’s a great, out of the way practice area. Just be sure to talk to your neighbours and agree on rehearsal times.

5.     A fitness room

Don’t want to pay monthly fees for a public gym?  If you’re a fitness junkie, transforming your garage into a gym could save you money in the long run. It’s the perfect open space for workouts and can be fitted out with the equipment you like to use. No more waiting to use your favourite machine!

It’s a good idea to check in with your local council when undergoing major renovations.