Premium+ Four Button Remote Control (Security+2.0 & Security+)

Premium+ Four Button Remote Control (Security+2.0 & Security+)


Genuine Merlin 4 button remote (E960M) with ability to code both Merlin Security+ & Merlin Security+ 2.0. Courtesy green LED Light flash for confirmation of function.

  • Compatible with Merlin Security+2.0 & Security+
  • Control up to four powered garage doors
  • Long range frequency
  • LED indicator
  • Superior design & durability

Compatible with:

Commander Essential (MS65MYQ), Commander Elite (MS105MYQ), Commander Extreme (MS125MYQ), SilentDrive™ Essential (MR655MYQ), SilentDrive™ Elite (MR855MYQ), Commander Ultimate (MJ3800MYQ), Commander MyQ, WhisperDrive, TiltMaster, PowerAce, CyclonePro, OverDrive, SilentDrive Elite MyQ, SilentDrive BBU, SilentDrive Pro, QuietDrive Pro, WeatherDrive, MJ3800BBU, MT800, MT600, MT1000, MT3850, MT5580P, MT60P, MT60, MT230, RollerAce (MR60), MR600, MR800, MR1000, MJ3800, MJ3800R

To learn more about the security of Merlin remote controls, see the video below:

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