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4 ways Merlin’s 4 button remotes can make your life that little bit easier

Picture this: After a long day at work, when all you want to do is jump in the shower and settle down to an early dinner, you realise you’ve left your keys on your desk.

Merlin understands that having a heavy set of jangling keys or garage door remotes can have you forgetting sets, or even grabbing the wrong bunch in your rush out the door!

With Merlin’s range of four-button remotes, you can operate up to four Merlin garage door openers, as well as Merlin myQ Remote LED Lights.

Our range, which includes the Four Button Wireless Wall Mount Remote, the Four Button Car Visor Remote and the classic Four Button Remote, allows you to access multiple garage doors without the need for a bulky range of keys.

So, whether you need entry to your work and home garages or want to let a trusted friend or family member into yours, here are four ways Merlin’s Four Button remote range can make your life that little bit easier.

  1. Hands-free convenience

Garages are a common entry point to the home and workplace, meaning that if you’ve got a lot of places to be, like the office, your partner’s house and your own home, your pockets can be stuffed full of keys and garage door remotes.

With Merlin’s Four Button range, you can open four garage door openers with just a single remote.

Simply program the remote to open the garage doors in your life – and you can stay light on your feet!


  1. Confidence in security

Easier access means reduced security, right?

Think again! With Merlin’s remotes, you can maximise convenience without compromising on safety, as the entire range is equipped with Security+ 2.0 technology. This technology is designed to communicate on multiple frequencies and uses a unique code every time the garage door remote button is pressed; selecting one code from 100 billion encrypted rolling codes generated.

This means that your Merlin remote will provide secure, authorised access to all connected garages.

  1. No more doubling back

Do you ever second guess when your remotes are working, and that the signal is being received by the garage door opener?

Your Merlin Four Button remote has a courtesy green LED Light flash for confirmation of button presses, so you’ll know when your remote is working, and the door has definitely closed!

  1. Illuminating the dark

Your home can look completely different in the dark, and even the clearest thoroughfares can become a minefield. If you’re arriving home late, you can easily trip over a piece of equipment while  fumbling for the garage light switch.

Save yourself bruised shins with Merlin’s remotes! In addition to controlling up to four garage door openers, this range can also control the myQ Remote LED Light.

Simplify your life while ensuring your security by investing in one of Merlin’s Four Button Remotes. Designed for ease and convenience, these products are available on the Merlin website.

For more information about Merlin, or to browse our range of gate and garage door openers and accessories, visit our website or call 0800 653 667.