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Five reasons you need a new garage door opener

After a long day at work or being out and about, coming home to a garage door that won’t let you in is the last thing you want.


If your garage door gets the shudders, grates and grinds or is slow to respond, it can really make life hard. Worse still, it could be a sign that your garage door is a safety concern for you and your family.


Whether it’s slow and clunky, out of date, noisy or unsafe, every home deserves a garage door that opens seamlessly, every time.


Below are five reasons you need a new garage door opener.




When was the last time you checked the functionality of your garage door opener? Merlin’s Safety Whitepaper showed that while one in two homeowners have no idea whether their garage door opener meets the required safety standards, compliance is important to them. Over 57 per cent said they would immediately replace their garage door opener if they knew it wasn’t safe and compliant.


If a child or pet gets caught underneath the door without safety reversal technology, they could be seriously, or even fatally injured.


Watch our video on how to conduct a safety reversal test here to determine if it is time to update your garage door opener.




Thieves often target the garage as it homes cars and potentially expensive belongings and equipment. If your garage door opener is outdated and not functioning properly, it will be much easier for thieves to get in.


In 1993, Merlin started equipping its remotes with the Security+ system which allows for millions of rolling codes to be generated when using your garage door opener. Prior to this, many remotes used DIP switches where the signal could be received by others in the area, allowing potential burglars to enter.


A new garage door opener will come with the most up to date security measures and keep your garage safe from thieves.


Merlin offers a range of wireless entry keypads, meaning you can set your own personalised code/pin number, adding an extra level of security in addition to your remote. The range includes Merlin Wireless Security Keypad compatible with Security +2.0 and the Merlin Wireless Security Keypad compatible with Security+.


Smart home integration


Ever driven halfway to your destination and had that sinking feeling that you forgot to close the garage door behind you? Merlin’s myQ technology allows you to monitor and control your garage door no matter where you are, from your smartphone, tablet, Apple Watch or computer. Ideal for those that love convenience, security and flexibility.


Most sectional and roller garage door openers from Merlin are now myQ compatible. The App ensures you receive alerts and notifications when the garage is opened and closed, giving you peace of mind when you are away from home.


Noise reduction


Many outdated garage doors are noisy for a number of reasons, such as not being cleaned or serviced regularly.


If you’re tired of your partner waking you up when they leave the house early or come home late, you should consider upgrading your garage door opener. All new Merlin garage door openers have a quiet motor which eliminates noise and vibrations through the ceiling and provide smooth operation.


If your garage is below your bedroom, or close to the neighbour’s fence, no matter what time you or your partner leave or come home, with a new Merlin garage door opener you’ll be quiet as a mouse.


Value added to your house


The garage is often the first or last thing buyers will see and interact with when looking at a home. Having a noisy, shuddering or old garage door opener will leave a lasting impression on buyers of costs and/or replacements they’ll have to factor in if they buy the property.


If you’re looking to add value to your home, upgrading your garage door opener to have the latest features such as security and home integration, is a great value add for buyers looking to move in and not worry about updating features themselves.


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